The United States Of Bacon Vs Obamacare

Despite the grumblings from the naysayers, "AstroTurf, mobs, trumped up rage," THIS IS Democracy in action folks. Irrespective of all the gum flapping from Progressives, this is how Democracy is made. As they say, it's like sausage - we all love it but NO 1 desires to see it being produced!

Sure, but the actuality is that even if Obama taxed the leading "evil rich people" at one hundred%twenty five of their earnings, they still couldn't pay for this program. So, who do you believe might spend for it? Do you believe Obama will cut spending somewhere else? Oh, he'll cut investing alright--yours, as he reaches into your wallet to spend for his plan. With the rich gone, we will be still left to ask if that poor man sleeping in his personal filth on the street corner is employing. Dust off these resumes people!

A couple of weeks ago, Kenneth Gladney was providing out "Don't Tread On Me" flags was attacked by a professional-Obamacare Marketplace Health Insurance union member. The incident which transpired outside a St. Louis city hall meeting, was caught on tape as the purple shirt clad SEIU member defeat Gladney to the ground in an unprovoked assault.

Deflation will mean the stock marketplaces and most other property crash. The Dow will fall below one,000. Costs will not come back for many years and years. The purchase and maintain expense strategy (because in the lengthy operate you will come out ok) does not function when the big deep, dark, harmful, deflation and Higher Depression comes a-knocking.

The check here "new" immigration bill Helath Insurance includes a "path to citizenship" for illegals, border safety, and biometric I.D. playing cards for every American to insure that only those right here lawfully can get jobs.

The second thought is where the believe in fund has its funds. Rather than put the cash under Barack Obama's pillow, we invested it in 1 of the most secure investments around: authorities bonds. That is a great offer all around because the trust fund will get a assured return on its money and the government will get to borrow money at a low interest rate. So what's the problem? As the believe in fund depletes, the government will require to go much more and much more to the open market to borrow funds - and, it must repay the trust funds for the money it previously borrowed. The only resources it has for repaying the funds are (one) taxing us some much more and (two) borrowing much more cash. Neither of these options offers with Social Safety's lengthy-phrase liabilities.

Obama and the Democrats were out of control the previous two many years with reckless spending and increasing the national financial debt to $14 trillion. Congressman Ryan is trying to rescue the nation from financial ruin. Obama is showing no leadership whatsoever on this issue. He can't be bothered with uncontrollable spending particularly with a authorities shutdown looming. He has to go to fundraisers and discover a working day to invite the University of Connecticut Basketball Group, the 2011 NCAA Champions.

Chris Christie is looking for new alliances. He has currently alienated all the conventional Republicans. CPAC [Conservative Political Action Convention] shunned him this year. You know what that does to anybody's Presidential ambitions. So now he is looking ahead to 2016. And exactly where is he looking? To the Progressive left.

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